I am Diane Simmler and I love Maine! I was born in Farmington and my family lives all over the state. I didn't grow up here, and I always wanted to come home. I finally did back in 1998. I live in Bowdoin now with my husband of 34 years, Fran. Our sons Erik, Micah, and Adam, our daughter Anna grew up here, and still live nearby!

When I came back to Maine there was little in the way of Maine Studies curriculum available. It was a required course, but still homeschooling parents, and even public school teachers, were left to create their own comprehensive study. So, I started typing. Finally after testing page after page with my boys, in 2004 I had a workbook for Maine families to use. I've edited a few things over the year and hundreds of students have enjoyed learning about Maine. 

Our kids have all graduated from homeschooling. Three are married and we now have five grandchildren! As grandparents, we hope to spend time in the coming years discovering Maine with the new little people in our lives!