Check This Page for Updates and Corrections

Thursday August 24, 2023



The 2020 edition now has been updated with a few technical fixes, and a couple little changes to instructions and objectives just to make things more clear. If you work on this with a group that has the previous book, you'll hardly notice the difference.  You will know you have this edition if it says 2023 over the ISPN on the back of the book, and on the cover page inside the book.


Tuesday October 12, 2021


On your Answer Key, add the following text for the study concerning the Early Peoples and using pages 16 & 17 with pages 74 & 75!

Page 5 of the workbook , "Using this Book," tells part of the story, but not the whole "story!" If you would like the updated version of the Answer Key send me an email!!


"For Page 16, print and cut apart the clues cards found in the appendix on pages 74 and 75. Hide them around your building inside and/or out

depending on the weather. Have the students find them, then write the # in each box that clue is applicable to."




Thursday August 6, 2020


I've received confirmation that the workbook is updated and shipping it's proper version! If you ordered your book before 8/1/2020, double check that the UPC looks like this image. If so, you are good to go. If not, contact me for a fix-it kit!


Monday July 27, 2020


For some reason, my publisher is having trouble with my current version of my book. If your new workbook's bar code does not have "June" on it, please email me for your fix-it packet. I will mail it right out! 


Tuesday June 23, 2020

The corrected workbook is now for sale! If you ordered before today, June 23, please email me your snail mail address for correction stickers. I'll mail them right out!


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sometimes humility comes knocking at your door! I have some corrections to make on the workbook! I was alerted to a couple mistakes, so now I'm all upside down going through it again page by page to make sure I didn't miss anything else. Soon I'll be compiling a mailing of fix-it stickers and other goodies. 


Once the new edition is uploaded, I will post a note here saying, "Contact me if you ordered your book before (date)." Until I post that, assume that if you ordered the 2020 edition, you need corrections! Please email me your contact information so I can email you if needed, and so that I can send you fix-it stickers, and other goodies!


(If for any reason you ordered the 2012 edition and need to answer key, or want more copies of it, please email me.)