Go to the publisher order page; you can check out right there and they will ship it to you. 

In Person

You may order in person if you shop Homeschoolers of Maine's Heart of HOME Bookstore, at the Maine homeschool Annual Convention or their Used Curriculum Sale and Expo. If you live near Bowdoin, you could drop by and buy one from me. You will need to contact me in advance to see if I have any here. I don't often sell them directly, but email me and I will let you know when I have some.


Each workbook is $22.00 plus tax. If you would like to use the workbook in a co-op or other group of six or more, the group rate is $18.00 each book. Even if you don't use it in a co-op setting, offering to order for your friends will help you get the group rate. The price includes a free Answer Key. Email meor message me through my Facebook Page.